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Stored procedures
Applies an approval signature to an existing PDF.
MySignature is pdfSignature
MyCertificates is array of Certificates = CertificateLoad("test.pfx", "pwd")
MySignature..Certificate = MyCertificates[1]
// It is an approval signature, its
// minimum size must be set to 1X1
MySignature.X = 1
MySignature.Y = 1
MySignature.Height = 1
MySignature.Width = 1
PDFSign("mypdf.pdf", MySignature)
<Result> = PDFSign(<PDF file to sign> , <Signature> , <Signature mode>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the PDF file was signed,
  • False otherwise.
<PDF file to sign>: Character string
Name and path of PDF file to sign.
<Signature>: pdfSignature variable
Name of pdfSignature variable corresponding to the description of the approval signature that will be applied to the PDF file.
<Signature mode>: Integer constant
Signature format to use:
  • PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures):
    iSignature_CAdES_BCAdES Basic (CMS Advanced Electronic Signature).
    iSignature_CAdES_CCAdES C (CMS Advanced Electronic Signature).
    iSignature_CAdES_TCAdES Trust token (CMS Advanced Electronic Signature).
    iSignature_CAdES_XCAdES X Type 2 (CMS Advanced Electronic Signature).
    iSignature_CAdES_XLCAdES XL Type 2 (CMS Advanced Electronic Signature).
  • Adobe signature format:
    (default value)
    PKCS7 signature format. This is an Adobe standard format not approved by the ETSI and Chorus standards.
  • The signature applied by PDFSign is an approval signature. The PDF file can be signed and countersigned several times.
  • This signature must correspond to a control of PDF file (its minimum size will be set to 1 X 1 mm²). The Signature control can be invisible but we advise you to associate it with a caption or an image in order for the user to see this signature and to click it.
  • The encrypted PDF files (with password) are not supported.
  • The PDF files whose version is later than PDF 1.5 will be saved in version PDF 1.4 before they can be signed.
  • Caution: For Acrobat to recognize a signed PDF file, the organization that creates the signing certificate must be in the Adobe Approved Trust List (Adobe Authorized Trust List) or in the Certified Document Services program (CDS).
    If the certificate is not recognized, Acrobat will display the following message: "At least one signature has problems".
Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd280prn.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
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