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Stored procedures
The windows found in your WINDEV application can be resized : all you have to do is use the sizing handle. This handle is located at the lower-right corner of your window. For example:
To resize the window:
  1. Click the sizing handle.
  2. Keep the left mouse button down.
  3. Move the mouse to resize the window.
The size and position of the window controls must automatically adapt when the window is resized. This feature is called control anchoring.
If controls are not anchored and if they do not follow the resize operation performed in the window, signal it to the application provider.
Example of window resizing (with proper anchor):
Window in its initial size
Window in its initial size
Window enlarged vertically and horizontally
Window enlarged vertically and horizontally
In the window enlarged vertically and horizontally:
  • the number of visible table rows is automatically increased.
  • the "Caption" column was resized in order to display the full caption.
Developer tip : The windows can be resized by default. To implement this feature (if necessary), check "Resizable" in the "UI" tab of the window description. Don't forget to set the anchors on the controls that need to change size and/or place ("General" tab of the control description).
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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