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To develop a WINDEV Mobile application for iPhone/iPad, you must own:
  • 1 PC
  • 1 Mac
  • 1 iPhone and/or iPad (optional)
Why a PC?
WINDEV Mobile 25 is a Windows application that can be used in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
The application will be created on the PC before it is compiled on a MAC (project, analysis, windows, ...).
This PC requires no setup of Mac/Apple tools.
Tip: A PC is not required. Indeed, you can install a virtualization software such as "Parallels Desktop" on a Mac to run Windows on Mac. In this case, WINDEV Mobile can be run on Mac.
Why a Mac?
A MAC is required because the project generated on the PC must be compiled in a specific compiler to generate the iOS applications. The minimum version of the operating system is version 10.6 (Snow leopard).
Xcode is the Mac compiler used to generate programs that operate on iOS (which means that are run on iPhone and iPad).
The minimum recommended version of Xcode is version 7.
v 4.02iOS SDK 4.3 / Snow leopard
v 4.1iOS SDK 4.3 / Lion
v 4.2iOS SDK 5 / Lion
v 4.3iOS SDK 5 / Lion
v 4.4iOS SDK 5 / Lion
v 4.5iOS SDK 6 / Lion
v 4.6iOS SDK 6 / Lion
v 5iOS SDK 7 / Mountain lion
v 6iOS SDK 7 / Mountain lion
v 7iOS SDK 7 / Mountain lion
Where do I get Xcode?
An iTunes account (and therefore an Apple identifier) is required to install the Xcode compiler. The xCode compiler can be freely downloaded from the Mac App Store (when this document was published).
Remark: You can also register with Apple on the iOS and Mac Developer Programs as developer of applications for Mac, iPhone, iPad. This registration is required in order to deploy your applications. This allows you to download a version of Xcode. This download is free of charge (when this document was published).
The different steps for creating an iPhone/iPad application
The following steps are used to develop an application that operates on iOS iPhone/iPad:
Remark: The minimum required configuration is as follows:
  • Hardware: iPhone 3GS, iPAD 1, iPod Touch 3rd generation or later
  • System: iOS version 6 or later
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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