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Stored procedures
In a Web site, the local storage is used to store and retrieve values in browser code.
These values can be:
  • shared by all the windows and tabs of the same browser on a computer: therefore, they can be retrieved once the browser was closed then reopened or in another window of the browser. In this case, the local storage is persistent.
  • specific to a window or to a tab of the browser: in this case, the values will be lost when the browser window is closed. On the contrary, these values can be read by the browser windows opened from the window where the values have been stored. In this case, the local storage is not persistent.
  • The storage of local parameters is not available by page.
  • The storage of local parameters is available for the recent browsers only (supporting the HTML 5 standard).
  • Even for the persistent local storage, the storage is not shared by the different browsers (a value stored in Internet Explorer cannot be retrieved by Firefox).
WLanguage functions
The following functions are used to perform a local storage:
LocalStorageAddAdds a value to the local storage.
LocalStorageAvailableIndicates whether the local storage is available or not for the current browser.
LocalStorageDeleteDeletes a value from the local storage.
LocalStorageDeleteAllDeletes all the values from the local storage.
LocalStorageGetRetrieves a value from the local storage.
LocalStorageOccurrenceReturns the number of values for the local storage.
LocalStorageValueNameReturns the name of a value for the local storage.
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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Last update: 01/23/2023

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