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Stored procedures
SchedulerDeleteResource (Function)
In french: PlanningSupprimeRessource
Deletes a resource from a Scheduler control.
Caution: If the Scheduler control is linked to a data source, the deletion is performed in the control only: the appointments linked to the resource are not deleted from the data source.
Universal Windows 10 App In Universal Windows 10 App mode, this function can only be used to handle the Scheduler controls found in a report.
// Adds an appointment for tonight
MyTitle is string
StartAPT is DateTime
EndAPT is DateTime
NbResource is int
MyTitle = "Sales meeting"
StartAPT = DateSys() + "17000000"
EndAPT = DateSys() + "17300000"
ResourceNum = SchedulerAddResource(SCH_Schedule1, "Florence" + gStoredValue("Flo"))
SchedulerAddAppointment(SCH_Schedule1, "Flo", MyTitle, StartAPT)
MyTitle = "Meeting 2"
StartAPT = DateSys() + "17300000"
EndAPT = DateSys() + "18000000"
SchedulerAddResource(SCH_Schedule1, "Thomas" + gStoredValue("Tom"))
SchedulerAddAppointment(SCH_Schedule1, "Tom", MyTitle, StartAPT)
// Deletes one of the resources
ResDel is boolean
ResDel = SchedulerDeleteResource(SCH_Schedule1, "Flo")
IF ResDel = True THEN
Info("Resource deleted")
<Result> = SchedulerDeleteResource(<Scheduler control> , <Resource>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if a resource was deleted,
  • False otherwise.
<Scheduler control>: Control name
Name of Scheduler control from which the resource will be deleted. This control can correspond to:
  • the Scheduler control of a window,
  • the Scheduler control of a page,
  • the Scheduler control of a report.
<Resource>: Character string
Name of resource to delete.
Remark: If the resources of the Scheduler control have been created with SchedulerAddResource by using gStoredValue, this parameter must correspond to the value specified in gStoredValue for this resource.
Component: wd290mdl.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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