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Stored procedures
The RightToLeft property is used to get the actual writing direction on a control, column, window or report.
The writing direction can be modified by the TextDirection property. If the writing direction in the control is the same direction defined in the project options, the TextDirection property returns the tdDefault constant. In this case, the RightToLeft property is used to get the actual writing direction
This property applies to:
  • A report or the following report controls:
    • Static control,
    • Calculated control,
    • RTF text control,
    • Preset control,
    • Link and Edit control,
    • Chart control.
WEBDEV - Server code Caution: This property is available for reports only.

Finding out the writing direction actually used Hide the details

<Result> = <Element name>.RightToLeft
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the actual writing direction goes from right to left,
  • False if the actual writing direction goes from left to right.
<Element name>: Name of the window, report or control
Name of the element whose writing direction is requested:
  • Name of the window,
  • Name of the window controls,
  • Name of the report,
  • Name of the report controls.
WEBDEV - Server code This parameter corresponds to the name of the report or the name of a report control.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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Last update: 05/16/2023

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