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Stored procedures
HRplManageFile (Function)
In french: HRplGestionFichier
ODBCOLE DBNot available with these kinds of connection
Defines the options used for the universal replication of a data file:
  • the replication direction.
  • the management mode of conflicts.
By default, all the data files use the synchronization characteristics defined by HSynchronizeReplica. HRplManageFile can be used to specify that the changes made to a given data file will be replicated from the master to the subscriber (replication will be bidirectional for all the other data files).
This function can be used in universal replication only.
// The Product file will be replicated from master to subscriber only
HRplManageFile(Product, rplReplicationConflictManagement, rplToSubscriber)
HRplManageFile(<File name> , <Management of conflicts> [, <Replication direction>])
<File name>: Character string
Name of the data file to configure.
<Management of conflicts>: Integer constant
Constant indicating the management mode of conflicts:
rplMasterFirstThe data found in the master data file has priority during the replication.
rplMostRecentFirstThe most recent data has priority. Caution, the most recent data is evaluated according to the time on the subscriber replica.
(default value)
The file will use the management mode of conflicts specified by HSynchronizeReplica.
rplSubscriberFirstThe data found in the subscriber data file has priority during the replication.
<Replication direction>: Optional integer constant
Direction in which the replication will be performed:
(default value)
Update the master file AND the subscriber file.
rplToMasterUpdate the master file according to the subscriber database.
rplToSubscriberUpdate the subscriber file according to the master database.
Component: wd290rpl.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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